Creating and Using a Master Session Template for TriCaster Software

In order to create a master session template from which you can set up a session using a previously created template:

  • First, create a new session in order to begin building the session you would like to use as a template. We suggest naming this session "MASTER TEMPLATE" and any variation thereof for your organization. 
  • When setting up sessions with template, you can configure all your camera inputs, audio settings, virtual sets, other settings you would configure in a normal session and these will be cloned into another session so that you can have different sessions for organization/ different events. 
  • Once you have configured your new session with your desired settings, exit to the Main Menu of the TriCaster software.
  • In order to create a cloned session from a master template you have created, create a New Session, and select the Master Template from the Template drop-down menu.

  • Once the template is selected, you will see the options for your session settings will be greyed out as the configurations have loaded from your master template.






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