Steps for Common Solution on Legacy Products


The following steps can usually help with most situations, we suggest trying to start from completely from scratch, as outlined by the KBAs/steps listed below. 
First, start with a System Restore just to ensure that we can get the unit back to factory defaults.

Restore your TriCaster to Factory Defaults
Once your unit is restored, shut it down and open the unit itself. If you are not comfortable, a member of your IT team should be able to manage it. Once the unit is open, you will want to reseat the RAM sticks, the GPU and give the unit a good dusting with a can of compressed air if it looks like it is needed. 
Once the that has completed, close it up and power the unit back up. 
Head to our downloads page and proceed to download the software appropriate to your unit.

Depending on your software (if you need help identifying, let us know), choose the appropriate link to the KBA below:
Installing Standard Edition Updates

Installing Advanced Edition 2 software updates

Installing Advanced Edition 3 Updates


For any other hardware such as older TriCasters or 3Plays, you can find software on our Downloads Page under "Legacy Products"

Once the software update is completed, we will next proceed in updating the GPU software.

How to update the NVIDIA Graphics Card Driver
After the drivers are done being installed, navigate to the following file location in Windows:
For Standard Edition or Advanced Edition 2: C:\TriCaster\Drivers\WDF\Core
For Advanced Edition 3: C:\Program Files\NewTek\TriCaster\Drivers\WDF\Core
3Play 425, 3Play 4800, 3Play 440, 3p1: C:\3Play\Drivers\WDF\Core

Once there, run the .bat file named Updateforce_shutdown. A prompt will appear, and the Core update will progress and then close on its own when complete. The unit should shut down for 5 minutes.  If it does not, please power off the unit and leave it off for 5 mins. After reboot, launch the software again. 


The last part of our test is going to be a Video Loop. This will involve isolating the TriCaster from everything else in your workflow and leaving only a monitor mouse and keyboard connected. Then you take an SDI cable and connect it from an Output to an Input, so literally looping it back into the TriCaster. Once you do that, load a clip into the DDR and see if your TriCaster starts working as normal.

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