Opening files recorded by TriCaster on a Mac M1

1. Check security settings allow apps to run that are not from the apple store.

2. Uninstall any previously installed NDI Tools pack,

3. Reboot

4. make sure neither Premiere, nor any Creative Cloud apps are running,

5. Download a fresh copy of NDI Tools and install

6. Reboot again

7. You'll be able to open the files directly in Premiere.

NOTE: If your file record location is a Media NAS, mounted on both the Tricaster and the Premiere workstation, editing of GROWING FILES (while still in record) is supported. Which is a very powerful workflow.


NOTE: Make sure you copy / have access to ALL the files.


.NDI (metadata sidecar)




NOTE: SpeedHQ Export is not supported on a Mac at this time.

On a PC, you can export as an AVI using the SpeedHQ CODEC and open it straight away in Tricaster without having to import / transcode. Which is a powerful feature during live production.

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