Capture Status

This status section will show you what the system is currently doing. The Capture Status bar will display three status states along with audio and video device status.

  • System Idle:    CaptureCast is not processing any video and is ready for a capture.

  • Recording:    While a capture is in progress, standard information such as Title, Template name, and Time Elapsed. Live Preview, Pause/Resume, Stop and monitor audio visually through our Peak Program Meter (PPM).
  • Stop:    Completes the capture and starts the auto-publishing to the specified publishing sources if they were setup in the template.
  • Audio devices:    Hover over this icon to display what devices are showing audio activity
  • Video devices:    Hover over this icon to display what video devices are showing a valid video signal.




When a session is in progress, this view will display a live video preview of ongoing sessions. If multiple sessions are ongoing, you can switch between them using the names of the sessions at the top of the pane. You can also switch between video sources using the black boxes at the right of the video preview.



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