YouTube Live Event Livestream Configuration Guide

Please follow the steps below to setup a Live Event via YouTube and use the CaptureCast unit to stream to YouTube.



  1. Go to and login if necessary.
  2. You can either choose to create a scheduled event or go live immediately. For the uses of this tutorial we're going to go live immediately.
  3. Select which stream key you would like to use from the dropdown. We recommend setting a static stream key that you use for all your streams with CaptureCast, so your template configuration can remain static.

  4. You will need to copy your Stream Name and Stream URL to the CaptureCast unit YouTube Live Streaming configuration.




  1. Login to your CaptureCast UI and go to Templates page.
  2. Here you'll need to either Edit an existing Template or Create a new Template then move onto step 3 of this section. 
    • Edit an existing Template:    Hover on the More Options button and select Edit. You can click on Step 5 Live Streaming on the left pane.
    • Creating a new Template:    Click on the +Add template button. You will need to complete steps 1-4 in our template creation wizard before you can configure Live streaming.
  3. Select YouTube from the list to open up the configuration form.
    • Input:    Select which video input you would like to stream out.
    • Stream name or key:    Refer to the information from Step 4 in the YouTube section above to fill in the following fields..
    • Primary or backup URL:    Refer to the information from Step 4 in the YouTube section above to fill in the following fields.

  4. CaptureCast is now configured to be able to stream to your YouTube event.
  5. Either start a Quick Capture (manual start/stop) from the Dashboard to start streaming right away or Schedule your capture using the Template you just created. You will need to start streaming from the CaptureCast unit before you can start the event on YouTube.





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