First-Time System Configuration

Once you've booted the unit according to the instructions accessible via QR code included with your new CaptureCast, you'll need to perform the following steps in order to perform initial configuration steps that must be done directly on the box and not using the CaptureCast WebUI.


First, let's get logged in. Click on the default user, capturecast_customer, type in the default password, customer101, and hit enter.


After logging in, there's a few things to configure that are located in their own articles, and listed below for your convenience.


  1. Network Configuration (Needed if not planning to use DHCP on both NICs)
  2. Timezone Configuration
  3. Change User Password from Default

With the system configured, your next step should be to ensure that CaptureCast is fully registered, licensed, and able to receive updates. You can find more information on that process here.



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