Change OS System Level User Password

While CaptureCast units ship with no password configured for the software itself, a default password is set for the Operating System. This password should be changed in order to ensure a secure environment. However, it is very important to note that for security purposes, NewTek does not maintain any "backdoors" into the system, and as such, if you lose your system level password, and you need system level access, the unit must be reset to factory defaults.


Start by clicking on the settings cogwheel on the left-hand menu bar.


Scroll down in the left hand side of the settings menu to find the Users option, then click on it.


Click the Unlock button in the upper right, and enter the current password, clicking Authenticate when done. If the system is still using the default password, it is customer101


Click the password field, which will open a pop-up window.


Enter the current password you just used to unlock the user, then enter your new password twice. Once all the information is entered correctly, the Change button will become clickable, and upon clicking it, your user password will be changed.


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