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After performing the First-Time System Configuration for CaptureCast, the final step for basic setup is within the software itself. If you're directly accessing the box using a monitor along with a keyboard and mouse, the WebUI will automatically launch on login, but you can also access the WebUI via web browser from any machine on the same LAN. The following steps can be executed from either location, though given that we'll need to enter lengthy serial numbers and license keys, it may be more convenient to do this on a machine where you can copy and paste that data. The machine in question also must be connected to the internet during this process to be fully registered and licensed.


You will first be prompted to enter a license key. If you have not received a license key, please contact A valid license key is a 28-character alphanumeric key that includes dashes, as seen in the screenshot below. Once you have entered your license key, click Start. If you don't have a key yet, and would like to start using your CaptureCast while you want, you can click Skip. However, you will be unable to receive updates and may be missing important new fixes. The system will continue to prompt you regularly for your license key until you input it.


Next, you must accept the End User License Agreement. Please review this agreement, then click Accept.


Next, input your registration information, including your Newtek Serial number. Again, if you are missing this information for any reason, or are offline and need to use your CaptureCast, you may skip this step, but you will be prompted for it regularly until the information is entered. Valid serials will always begin with NCC, followed by 12 digits. Click Submit when done.


Next, we need to create our initial admin user. You will be able to create other users once in the CaptureCast interface, but this will be your initial admin user. If this is going to be your only admin user, please ensure the password is kept safe. The email address for this step is optional. Click Submit when done.


Finally, you will need to check and see if there are any updates. This step will only appear if you entered a valid license key earlier, as a valid license key is required to get updates. Simply click on Check for Updates.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In newer versions of the CaptureCast software, this Update Check will appear regardless of whether you entered a valid license key, and will allow you to receive updates for up to 24 hours after your initial use of CaptureCast, in order to ensure you have the latest version of the software when you begin using it.


The system will then check for updates, and let you know whether or not any updates are available. If no updates are available, you can simply click Close or on the X at the top right of the pop-up. If an update is available, you can run the update directly from the same menu, or choose to decline the update in the same way, though it is highly recommended to update to the latest available version when possible. If you run into issues during the update process, please check the dedicated article about updating.


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