CaptureCast Patch Notes

Below you will find the patch notes for the latest updates to CaptureCast. Since CaptureCast is plugin based, individual plugins will often be updated without updating the entire platform. All updates can be downloaded using the built-in update interface, located in the footer of the web-based user interface, which you can find detailed instructions for here.

April 17 2023

CaptureCast 6.3.2


  • Added device thumbnail previews during ongoing captures
  • Added contextual hint system
  • Added favicon for web interface


  • Fixed various issues with virtual recorders
  • Fixed various issues with Panopto scheduling integration


March 14 2023


Installer Integration Plugin 6.0.4

  • Fixed issue where system would think updates were still available after updating successfully.

Web Setup Plugin 6.0.6

  • Fixed issue where if an admin user had been created, update prompt in setup modal could get stuck.

March 8 2023

CaptureCast 6.3.1


  • Fixed an issue with sources deregistering as video sources in some scenarios.
  • Prevented source scanning from occuring until after mDNS agent is running

March 6 2023

CaptureCast 6.3


  • Allowed Media Canvases to be built without making source copy recordings of the sources within them. 

  • Added warning for losing signal from NDI sources to dashboard and allowed notifications to be sent when that warning appears. 

  • Added support for temporary update license keys, allowing for updates to the box within 24 hours of first use upon receipt without a permanent license key. 


  • Improved handling of audio-only NDI sources.

  • Prevented system from launching if configured media storage disk is not present.

  • Fixed issues with vertical phone screen capture and various other uncommon resolutions.

January 17 2023

CaptureCast 6.2


  • Updated auto-generated Web API documentation
  • Added option to adjust bitrate for externally scheduled panopto webcasts
  • Added support for LDAP user authentication
  • Added NDI Access Manager


  • Fixed issue where cancelled clipper sessions would be stuck
  • Fixed issue with externally scheduled Panopto webcasts
  • Fixed issue with authenticated RTMP streams
  • Fixed issue with specific non-compliant cameras

November 15 2022

Web User Interface Plugin 6.0.3

  • Fixed issue with saving publishing configs within settings instead of while creating a template.

November 14 2022

CaptureCast 6.1.1


  • Added plugin version display when clicking on version number in WebUI
  • Publisher associated "bubbles" on manage page now indicate upload progress
  • Live Preview source switcher now shows names of sources to switch between
  • Added improved failure recovery for feedback sessions


  • Fixed issues when enabling Kaltura external scheduling globally instead of in virtual recorder
  • Fixed issues when importing media packages from another unit
  • Fixed issues when clipping media packages
  • Fixed issues with multiple simultaneous livestreams
  • Fixed issue with media download button on main dashboard page
  • Fixed various issues with webhook and email notifications
  • Fixed issues with specific network configurations not showing LAN IP in dashboard
  • Fixed issues with various template settings not loading properly when template was edited
  • Fixed issue with template descriptions
  • Fixed graphical issue when multiple simultaneous captures are stopped
  • Fixed issues with primary source selection in templates
  • Fixed issue with group detection
  • Fixed issue with embedding images in media canvases
  • Fixed issues with statefulness in various places throughout the UI
  • Fixed issues with text overflow in various places throughout the UI
  • Fixed issue related to appending date to title in a scheduled capture
  • Increase thumbnail refresh speed for Panopto External Scheduler to every few seconds

November 2 2022

CaptureCast Daemon 1.0.3

  • Fixed issue where templates with canvas images would not work as expected.
  • Fixed issue where templates with canvas images of multiple formats would not work as expected.
  • Added dynamic scaler to support resolution changes more actively.
  • Added additional protection to ensure system is fully available before daemon is initialized.

CaptureCast User Account 2.0.1

  • Prevented existing v5 legacy users from having settings changed.

Udev Rules 1.1.0

  • Added new rule to allow for the daemon to ensure system is fully available before it is initialized.

October 7 2022

CaptureCast 6.1


  • Add virtual recorder to allow multi-classroom/multi-tenant integration with online publishing platforms (eg Kaltura, Panopto)
  • Add bitrate control for individual source copies and media canvases
  • Allow reacquisition of sources that were offline during the last redetection cycle on capture start
  • Improved NDI source frame data detection
  • Improved notifications when Remote Access is enabled or disabled by a user.
  • Added support for images in media canvases


  • Fixed issue with certain media canvas configurations
  • Fixed issue with audio-only & video-only NDI receiver spawning
  • Fixed issue where under some conditions, NDI sources would not be detected on fresh reboot
  • Fixed issue in daemon directory naming structure
  • Fixed rare issue where CaptureCast could start before system was completely booted
  • Fixed issue where maintenance cycle didn’t check for new updates before running updates
  • Added nightly service to regularly ensure more stable usage of avahi-daemon
  • Replaced Deprecated Google Authentication Flow to ensure Google/Youtube functionality
  • Fixed issue with FTP publishing
  • Fixed issue with YouTube publishing
  • Fixed issues with Panopto Remote Recorder integration
  • Fixed issues with Opencast publishing
  • Fixed issues with Opencast remote scheduling
  • Fixed issues with key-based SFTP publishing
  • Fixed issues with user-selected source primacy
  • Concurrent recordings now enabled by default
  • Fixed support page and release note links

August 3 2022

Daemon Integration Plugin 6.0.1

Fixed issue that would occur when a media canvas was created containing only a single NDI source.

July 28 2022

NDI Daemon Capture Plugin 6.0.1

Fixed issue that was writing unnecessarily large files to SSD boot drive.

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