Add CaptureCast Recorder to Command Center

After initial setup, you can add a new CaptureCast Recorder from either the Schedule or Recorders tab by clicking on the “Add CaptureCast Recorder” button. After clicking that button, you will be presented with the following prompt.

Be sure to enter the Recorder URL or hostname exactly how you would access it from the network that the Command Center is running on, including the port if the port cannot be derived. In effect, we assume any IP is port 80, http is 80, and https is 443, so anything outside of those defaults will need to be defined.

You can also add a tag for the unit. This is used not only to filter for specific units in the UI, but you can also use these tags to create users that only have access to units that use a specific tag.


After clicking submit, a prompt hosted by the unit itself will pop up, and you’ll need to confirm on this side as well. After confirming, the unit will be added to the command center.


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