Settings Menu in Command Center

In the settings menu, you can manage and create users, as well as add email or webhook notifications for specific event types.


User Management

Just like in CaptureCast itself, you can create new users here, as well as edit and delete delete existing ones. To edit an existing user, such as the one you created during initial setup, you can hover over the three dots to the right of the user name mceclip0.png , then select Edit mceclip1.png.

When either editing or creating a user, the following pane will appear:


In addition to setting username and password, you can also assign tags to a user. If the user is of the type “CaptureCast Administrator”, they will only be able to administer units that specifically have that tag, while a “Command Center Administrator”, will have access to all units. This allows you to create users that only have access to the units that live in their domain or department.

In addition to those user types, you can also create very limited users using Status Viewer, Presenter, Scheduler, and Content Manager permissions, or combine them to create your own custom type of user.



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