Recorders Tab in Command Center

The Recorders tab is where you can get in-depth information about all of your recorders. This section can be viewed in either “tile” or “list” mode, which you can switch between using the icons in the top left. In list mode, each recorder is given its own row that contains information about its session status, as well as a preview of all the NDI devices that have been “favorited” on the recorder in question (these thumbnails are refreshed every minute). If any recorders have recently encountered errors, those will be listed as “Warnings” on the top of the page. In addition, any offline units will be listed separately.


Tile mode still displays these warnings and offline units, but only shows the single most important source that you’ve configured. This allows for the viewing of many more units simultaneously, while still maintaining the ability to check their video sources. The red icon that indicates a unit is currently running a session is still present here.


The final view option opens the update view. This will display any units you have that are ready to install the latest updates. Clicking on the green cloud icon will launch the same window you’d see updating the unit individually, and after starting those updates, they will continue to run in the background, represented by that green cloud icon changing to a yellow spinning circle, until the update is complete.


When you have a large number of units, you can use the filter tool (represented by a magnifying glass in the upper right), to only display certain recorders. After typing in your query, you can select searching by Titles or Tags. Using this, you can tag units for specific buildings, departments, etc – and quickly search for those specific subsets of units. Once you’ve initiated a search, you can simply click on the “x” to clear out that search and start a new one.


Finally, in both the tile and row views, if you hover over a single unit, you will see an icon consisting of three dots. mceclip4.png Hovering over this icon in turn displays a menu with several unit control options.


  • Get Details opens the Recorder Details window, where you can change the primary video device, edit tags, and view the per unit calendar, status, and manage media pages. When the primary video device is changed here, and then saved, it will affect which thumbnail is shown in the tile view of the recorder tab.


  • Quick Capture opens the quick capture window, where you can start an ad-hoc capture. This window is identical to the one present in CaptureCast itself.


  • Schedule Capture opens the schedule recording window
  • Reboot Recorder performs a hardware reboot of the unit in question.
  • Restart Media Processors restarts specifically the media processing elements of CaptureCast.
  • Restart CaptureCast Service restarts the entire CaptureCast software stack.
  • Remove Recorder disconnects the Recorder from the Command Center.
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