Accessing User Account Settings in Windows

On some Windows 10-based TriCasters, VMC1s and 3Play units, the usual process to access Windows user account settings may be disabled, and going to Settings -> Accounts results in a window quickly opening and then closing itself again. This is a side effect of the various policies we have implemented to disable certain Windows features and services which may interfere with a live production.

In cases where one would need to enable or change passwords for your TriCaster Windows user account, please follow these steps:

  1. Exit to out to Windows
    On a 3Play unit: From the home menu, select Shutdown then "Exit to Windows"
    On a TriCaster or VMC1: From the home menu, select Shutdown -> Administrator Mode, then select "Exit to Windows"
  2. Press WIN+R to open the Run command
  3. Type in "lusrmgr.msc" and click OK


  4. Select Users from the left sidebar, then click on the main TriCaster user account in the list (TC-Mini, TC-1, TC2-Elite, 3Play etc). Then on the right sidebar under the user name, select More Actions -> Set Password


  5. Click Proceed past the next warning


  6. Enter your new password, then click OK


  7. Shutdown and restart your device

If you wish to remove a password you have set, please repeat the same steps but leave the New password and Confirm password fields blank

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