Installing a FlexTally System To Your TriCaster

FlexTally Is a third-party standalone tally system designed to directly interface with the TriCaster system. However, this particular tally system operates and connects differently than many other systems. In order to set up the flex tally system to be recognized by the TriCaster please follow the directions below: 


  • Please install “FlexTally Utility“.
  • Make sure the lamps are fully charged.
  • Connect the Station and Lamps. Connection methods are here.
  • Turn ON the No.1 DIP switch on the Station and change the connection method to “Ethernet”.



Setup Steps

  1. Set the DIP switches of each lamp for the channels to be used (please refer here for details).
  2. Connect the Station, TriCaster and setup PC to the same LAN.
  3. Connect the AC adapter to the Station and turn it on. When the power turns on, the status LED lights up blue.


4. Reset TriCaster password so that FlexTally can access to TriCaster via the network. At TriCaster main page; Shutdown -> Admin mode -> Set LivePanel. Remove check mark at Require Password. Click the OK button.

Set_LP_Password.PNGAdmin_Mode.PNG blobid17.png

5. Set TriCaster IP address. At TriCaster Admin Mode; Move Windows Desktop -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change Adapter Setting -> Set the Fixed IP address from the Ethernet Property connecting to the network.Exit_To_Windows.PNG


6. Set FlexTally Fixed IP address. At FlexTally Utility, select “Search for Station Units”. The IP address will be shown when the utility finds the station. Click the IP address.


7. Select “Network” 


8. Set FlexTally IP address the same TriCaster address. Then, restart FlexTally station unit (by unplugging the USB power cable and plug in).


9. Select “Switcher (ETH mode)” when re-starting the station.


10. Select “NewTech TriCaster Series”. Enter the TriCaster IP address and click the OK button.


11. Press and hold the power button on the Lamp. When the power turns on, the status LED lights up blue.


12. Switch TriCaster channels and check that each Lamp reacts.



  • Since the “Test Lamps” option in “FlexTally Utility” is affected by the Tricaster connection, please test when Tricaster is not connected.
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