Editing NDI Config JSON (Enable Discovery Server / Additional IPs / More)

In order to do things like enable Discovery Server for CaptureCast, we have to manually configure the NDI config JSON. If we're on the unit itself, with a monitor/keyboard/mouse connected, we can open a graphical interface for doing so with the command gedit /home/capturecast_customer/.ndi/ndi-config.v1.json If you are using a user other than the default capturecast_customer user, you may need to make sure you have permissions to edit the file.
This opens a text editor that we can use to edit what we need in the configuration file. There are many points that can be configured in this file, but we’ve included the most important fields with blank values to allow for easy configuration. This is what the default configuration looks like:


And this is what a more thoroughly configured file looks like:


  • The ‘ips’ segment is a comma separated list of IP addresses of additional units to manually add.
  • The ‘discovery’ segment is a comma separated list of IP addresses of discovery servers for the system to access.
  • The ‘recv’ segment is a comma separated list of groups. You can set groups in the CaptureCast UI as well in order to be able to more easily delineate them but setting them here can guarantee they are received.

With all of this configuration points, simply enter the information between the blank quotation marks that are already present.

After setting all the settings you like, go ahead and reboot the system so that all the different CaptureCast can consume these settings.

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