Virtual Recorders

Virtual Recorders are designed primarily as a way to allow external scheduling services from Panopto, Kaltura, and Opencast to have multiple scheduled events running simultaneously on a single physical recorder - combining a set of sources into a single Virtual Recorder that external services recognize as a standalone hardware unit. In most cases, each virtual recorder should coincide with a physical recording space, such as a room within a building, so that it makes sense as a "location" for people using the external scheduling services.


In order to configure a Virtual Recorder, first, you'll need to go to Settings -> Virtual Recorders. Once here, simply click the add virtual recorder button.



This will open the Virtual Recorder Creation modal, which has a description of the feature, and you can click Start to begin.


First, you'll need to give the Virtual Recorder a name. This will determine what the Virtual Recorder shows up as in your external scheduling service, so be sure to name it something immediately recognizable - perhaps the room number for the room this virtual recorder corresponds with. You can also give it a description, which is used for your personal reference in the UI only, and not sent anywhere. Once done, you can click the "Next" button in the lower right.


Next, you'll need to select which devices you'd like to be associated with this virtual recorder. Any devices you've favorited will show up immediately here with their thumbnail previews, but you can also choose any other devices on your network through the filter box and list of available video sources below. Simply select the sources you want - in this case, I've selected the sources I previously gave device aliases to designating they're in the ECSN 2.204 room, then click the Next Button.


Now I need to choose which External Scheduler I'd like to use for this Virtual Recorder. Since this step is identical to how you would configure an external scheduler for an entire CaptureCast box without virtual recorders, you can find more information for the respective publishers in the following locations:

Once you've configured the External Scheduler however you want, just click save, and it will appear as a new virtual recorder in the list.


Once you've configured at least one virtual recorder, you'll notice throughout the CaptureCast Web UI that in some places there is now a drop-down menu to select a virtual recorder. These can be found on the dashboard, the schedule page, and under the external scheduling section in settings. In any place you see this drop-down option, if you select a specific virtual recorder, you will only see information pertaining to it. For example, on the schedule page, if I selected ECSN 2.204 in the dropdown, I would only see scheduled events that pertained to that virtual recorder specifically.


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