Opencast External Scheduling

This integration feature gives you the ability to manage all of your scheduled recordings via the Opencast Scheduler.

To configure Opencast, you can go right to the External Scheduling section in CaptureCast, under Settings -> External Scheduling, then select Opencast from the dropdown menu.


Just as if you were configuring an Opencast template, enter your Opencast URL, your system account username, and your password. You can also set a custom poll period here. By default, it's set to 300 seconds or 5 minutes, but you can lower this if your Opencast server can the volume of API requests that this would cause.


Next, you can configure your sources. If you're configuring Opencast scheduling unit-wide, you will presented with all the sources that have been favorited here. If you are configuring Opencast scheduling for a virtual recorder, only the sources that have been selected will show up here. Because of the way Opencast scheduling works, we need to assign an audio source to each video source, as well as assign a flavor to each source, either presenter or presentation.


Once you've configured your sources, you'll be able to schedule recordings for this unit in Opencast, using the sources that have been configured.

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