Updating CaptureCast

In order to start a CaptureCast update, you can go to the bottom of the dashboard page and click Check for Updates. If the system is already aware of an available update, this button may read Updates Available.


After clicking the button, it will check to see if updates are available. If there are no new updates available, a pop-up will appear informing you of that fact, which you can then close. However, if updates are available, it will provide a link to the latest release notes, and a button to Install Updates. Click the button to initiate the updates.

A modal will then appear with a progress bar.


These updates should never take very long, so if the progress bar appears stuck for a significant amount of time, try a cache-clearing refresh. This is sometimes necessary when certain updates are made to the WebUI portion of CaptureCast - you are using that portion during the update process, and we're also updating it. You can perform a cache-clearing refresh, also known as a "hard refresh", the following ways:

  • Windows Chrome/Firefox - Ctrl+F5
  • Mac Chrome/Firefox - Command+Shift+R
  • Safari - Option + Command + E

After the updates are complete, and/or after you've performed a cache-clearing refresh, you can log back into the UI, and the updates should be complete.

If you encounter any issues immediately after an update, especially around NDI detection, a full system reboot is highly recommended, which can be performed from Settings->Maintenance-> Operating System Reboot.

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