Streaming to Facebook using a Custom Stream

This article provides the steps to create a custom RTMP stream as a workaround to using the dedicated "Facebook" streaming preset.

Facebook Set Up

First, log in to Facebook and go to the profile, page or group that you would like to stream to. Then click the "Live video" button in the section where you would normally write a new post:


At the next screen, select whether you'd like to Go Live right away, or create a live video event first. If choosing the latter, you may need to follow the on-screen instructions to set up a live event first, before arriving at the streaming setup screen.


At the streaming setup screen, select "Streaming software" as the video source, then copy or write down the Stream key that is presented to you.

Click on "Advanced Settings" to expand the section below, and enable "Persistant stream key". We will also need to copy or note down the Server URL at the bottom of this section.


TriCaster Set Up

On the TriCaster, click on the gear icon next to STREAM / ENCODE button to enter the Streaming Encoder configuration panel, then select "Custom" from the New Preset drop-down:


At the following screen, you can give this custom stream preset a name, then paste in the Server URL and Stream key that were copied earlier.

Leave Username and Password blank (this is used for certain other kinds of streaming servers).


Click Close to save the settings. At any point, you can re-visit and update these settings by clicking on the gear icon to the right of the new preset you have created:


Next, we can configure the additional streaming encoder settings by clicking on the gear icon for the encoder that the preset is currently assigned to. In our example, we have assigned this new preset to Encoder #1:


From the Encoder Configuration window, you can choose from a variety of quality presets, or tweak each individual preset to your liking.

For more information about recommended settings to use for Facebook Live videos, please refer to the following Facebook help article:

Once you have finalized all of your settings, click "OK" to save them and return to the main TriCaster interface. Then click the STREAM / ENCODE button to begin sending video to the Facebook server.

Back at Facebook:

Confirm that the "Video" window is showing your live stream preview, then follow the on-screen instructions to finish setting up the rest of your live stream settings.

Click the "Go live" button when you are ready to start your live stream.


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